Herbalist Supply

Organic, local, sustainable herbs. Jars, oils, laboratory funnels, beakers, glass stirrers, local raw honey, and more!

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Herbalist Consulting

Sit down with an herbalist to better understand what herbalism can do for you.  Learn how our ancestors used herbs for common health concerns.

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MMMP Safe Transfer and Consulting

Caregiver placement services and a safe transfer location.  Come in to discuss what we can do for you.

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Plants for Betterment of Health

Nothing on this site has been approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, or cure any health condition. But with our help, you can learn how our ancestors used herbs to do just that.

We can help educate on traditional and folk remedies from around the world, and we have hundreds of herbs to choose from if you want to see how these remedies were used.  From common herbs like rosemary to the hard-to- find like quality Asian ginseng and slippery elm bark, our eco-friendly sourced organics and quality wild-crafted herbs are sure to have a medicinal and educational benefit for any open and interested minds to walk into our door!

Chinese Lanterns

Next Steps...

Contact us and set up an appointment with our Herbalist to find out how natural health and remedies can help you and your family.