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When discussing herbal remedies and treatments, one must keep in mind that each and every one of us is different, and thus each case will be discussed based on a patient-to-patient basis to best suit each individual’s needs. Our herbalists will take their time, compassion, and extensive knowledge to correctly determine which herbs and approaches to use based on the expected outcome of the treatment. Teas, tinctures, topicals, oils, and herbal infusions are among the many versatile and wonderful applications we can take advantage from the hundreds of herbs on-site and their many benefits. Allow us to educate, medicate, and improve your life!

* We strongly advise that you do not completely substitute herbalism for seeing a licensed healthcare professional.

Our Inspiration


Prescription medications are readily and widely available for nearly every ailment or illness in the United States. Unfortunately, although meaning to be beneficial, many medications can also present several dangerous side effects that can oftentimes be worse than what they the medication is intended to treat. Not only this, but over-prescribing has also shown a dramatic rise in opiate addiction, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and superbugs that don’t react to traditional treatment.

Herbalism dates back to the Paleolithic age, nearly 60,000 years ago, when archaeologists first discovered medicinal plants with our ancestor’s remains. Since then, it has been witnessed in nearly every known culture before modern medicine was invented. Treatments for nearly everything from a cold to cancer has been found in the amazing plants found in nature. We as the people of Earth should rely less on a quick fix in the form of just another pill, and more on nature and our own bodies to heal and recover from illness. The wide range of knowledge and talent of experienced herbalists we have available can both help heal and educate you, all from plants that have come from our Mother Earth.

Meet the Team

Everyone here is customer focused.  The whole goal of The Herbal Eye is to promote health and well-being, using the power of herbs and minerals just as our ancestors have for over 60,000 years.

Lisa Schroeter

Lisa is a practicing Herbalist.  While still attending the Herbal Academy of New England, she is putting her love and admiration for herbs to work.

David Schroeter

David had a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics a while back. The doctors claimed it couldn’t be caused by the antibiotics, but it took 4 months to completely recover from it. This inspired both him and his wife, Lisa, to open T.H.E. and educate and inspire others to take advantage of the medicine cabinet Mother Earth has to offer.

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